Buy Death Certificate Online

The death certificate is a copy of the entry which is made by the registrar in the death register. This certificate will be required to deal with money likewise property left by the person who happen to have died, including dealing with the will. You can also get copies of the death certificate from the General Register Office. A death has to be registered within five days but the registration can be delayed for an additional nine days if the registrar is told that a medical certificate has been provided. If the death has been reported to the coroner you cannot register it until the coroner’s findings are finished. T

he death should be registered by one of the following (in order of priority):

  • a relative who was present at the death
  • a relative present during the person’s last illness
  • a relative living in the district where the death took place
  • anyone else present at the death
  • an owner or occupier of the building where the death took place and who was aware of the death
  • the person arranging the funeral (but not the funeral director).


You cannot delegate responsibility for registering the death to anyone else.

You must take with you the medical certificate of death, since the death cannot be registered until the registrar has seen this. If possible, you should also take the person’s NHS medical card and birth and marriage certificates. The registrar will want from you the following information:-

  • date and place of death
  • the full name of the person (including maiden name) and their last address
  • the person’s date and place of birth
  • the person’s job
  • the full name, date of birth and job of a living or dead spouse or civil partner 
  • if the person was still married, the date of birth of their husband or wife
  • whether the person was receiving a pension or other social security benefits.

Forms you’ll be given

After you’ve registered the death, the registrar will give you a green certificate which allows a burial or cremation to go ahead. There’s no charge for the certificate. You should give this to the funeral director. If you’re not using a funeral director keep the certificate safe, you’ll need it to arrange the burial or cremation.